Japanese Geomagnetic Data Service


Data Usage Rules

The rules for the data use and exchange are defined by the International Council for Science - World Data System (ICSU-WDS) Data Sharing Principles. The data and services at the WDC Kyoto are available for scientific use without restrictions, but for the real-time (quicklook) data, please contact our staff (wdc-service@kugi.kyoto-u.ac.jp) before using those in publications and presentations. The WDC Kyoto does not allow commercial applications of the geomagnetic indices.

For commercial applications of the geomagnetic data provided by each observatory, please contact the relevant institute. Information on the institution is supplied within the data sets. When the data are used in publications and presentations, the data suppliers and the WDC for Geomagnetism, Kyoto should be acknowledged. Furthermore, when using the AE index, Dst index, and ASY/SYM indices, please include data DOIs in the Reference section. Rules of the road.

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Data Catalogue

  1. Auroral Electrojet (AE) index (Version definition of AE index)
  2. Dst index (Version definition of Dst index)

  3. ASY/SYM index

  4. Kp and ap/Ap indices (provided from GFZ Helmholtz Centre Potsdam)

  5. International Q- and D-days

  6. Geomagnetic data

  7. Modeling

  8. Others

  9. The construction of this database has been supported in part by grants 127008, 168069, 178061, 188071, 198053, 208041, 218046, 228040, and 238033 ("Solar-Terrestrial Physics Database") as well as by grants 248032, 268023, 15HP8028, and 16HP8026 ("Database of high time resolution geomagnetic field data back to 1920's") under the Japan Society for Promotion of Science (JSPS). We also thank many geomagnetic observatories, institutions and international organizations which kindly supply the data to our data center.