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Provisional Geomagnetic Data Plots (PostScript files) [1994-2007]

Immediate plot/data output: Geomagnetic hourly, 1 minute or 1 second values, or Analogue record image

All following conditions are taken as "AND".

Data type:

Year: + +    Month:

Range of Geographic Latitude (>=-90 and <=90): - (Degree)

Range of Geographic Longitude ((>=0 and <=360) or (>=-180 and <=180)): - (Degree)

Range of Geomagnetic Latitude (>=-90 and <=90): - (Degree)

ABB code: Observatory name:

Note: You may use wildcards of "*" and "?" in the columns of "ABB code" and "Observatory names", although "*A" works same as "*".

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