Plot and data output of ASY/SYM and AE indices

ASY/SYM: [1981 - ]

AE: Final [1975 (AE & AL only), 1978 - Jun., 1988, Mar. 1989 and 1990-1995],
Provisional, Real-time (Note on the use of Real-time AE index)
The AE indices for 1988 (Jul.-Dec.) and 1989 (except for Mar.) have not yet been derived.


AE Index Home Page / Real-time AE index/ On AE Indices
ASY/SYM PostScript Plot files / On ASY/SYM Indices (PDF)
Dst and AE (Hourly Values) indices [Since 1957]


Year: + Month:

Day: + Hour: Min:

DURATION (Minimum: 1 hour, Maximum: 366 days)

+ day(s) Hour(s) minite(s)

Output Type

Plot (a sample)
      Image Type: GIF PostScript [200kB/day]    Color: Color Monochromatic
      AE Sensitivity :
      ASY/SYM Sensitivity :

AE output    ASY and SYM output
     WDC-like format (WDC-like AE format / WDC-like ASY/SYM format)
     IAGA2002-like format   (IAGA2002 format)

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