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Welcome to WDC for Geomagnetism, Kyoto AE index service

The AE indices for Jul.-Dec., 1988 have not yet been derived.

  1. Real-time (Quicklook) AE index   (Note on Use)
  2. Provisional AE index
  3. Plot and download of final or provisional AE one min. value are available from the page of
    " Plot and data output of the ASY/SYM and AE indices". [1975 - ]
  4. Plot and download of AE hourly value are available from the page of
    " Dst and AE (Hourly Values) indices". [Jul., 1957 - 1975, 1978 - ]
  5. Monthly files containing hourly AE indices in IAGA2002 like format [1957 - 1987]

  6. Monthly files containing 2.5 min. resolution AE indices [1966 - 1974]
  7. On AE index
    [description in the Data Book No 25, "Auroral electrojet indices (Provisional AE) 1992", 1998]
  8. AE Observatories [under construction]
  9. List of papers using AE index