Real-time (Quicklook) AE index

Note! These data are only for non-commercial monitoring purpose.
The real-time Auroral Electrojet (AE) indices are only for monitoring, diagnostics and forcasting purposes. Since the values are derived from unverified raw data, they may contain inacuracies. These data will be replaced by provisional and final AE index at later dates. Users are advised to use final/provisional AE index for analyses.
We thank AE stations (Abisko [SGU, Sweden], Dixon Island, Cape Chelyuskin, Tixie Bay, Pebek [AARI, Russia], Barrow, College [USGS, USA], Yellowknife, Fort Churchill, Sanikiluaq (Poste-de-la-Baleine) [GSC, Canada], Narsarsuaq [DTU Space, Denmark], and Leirvogur [U. Iceland, Iceland]) as well as the RapidMAG team (NiCT, JHU/APL, UoA, AARI, IDG) for their cooperations and efforts to operate these stations and to supply data with us for the real-time AE index. (Pebek is a new station at geographic latitude of 70.09°N and longitude of 170.93°E, replacing the closed station Cape Wellen.)
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