Format of height integrated ionospheric conductivity list

Apr., 2014

Global ionospheric conductivity model     On the ionospheric conductivity

Second line shows height range the calculation. Third line shows parameters for the calculation (year, month, day end UT). Fourth line is the header for folowing lines. The following lines show height profile of the conductivity at each point. Format for the fowlong lines a\is as follows:

ColumnMeaning (FORMAT)
1-6 Geographic latitude (degree) (I6)
7-14 Geographic longitude (degree) (F8.2)
15-26 Height integrated parallel conductivity, s 0S (1PE12.4)
27-38 Height integrated Pedersen conductivity, s 1S (1PE12.4)
39-50 Height integrated Hall conductivity, s 2S, (1PE12.4)