Global ionospheric conductivity model


Format of the height integrated conductivity list
Format of three dimensional distribution of the conductivity
On the ionospheric conductivity    Ionospheric conductivity model (height profile)

Ionospheric model was updated to IRI2016. (May 1, 2017)
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Geographic Latitude: 80N-80S, 10°step.
Geographic Longitude: 0-345E, 15°step.
Height step: 5km below 200km, and 25km above 200km.

Year (1958-the end of next month):  +

Month:       Day: +    Hour (UT):
Height range
Bottom : km    Top : km


Ionized Atmosphere: IRI model
Neutral Atmosphere: NRLMSISE-00 Model
Collision Frequency: Banks and Kockarts, Aeronomy: part A, Chapter 9, Academic Press, 1973.
Equation of the conductivity in the ionosphere