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Note! These data are only for non-commercial monitoring purpose. The Center does not provide the digital real-time AE data to users.
The number of stations used to derive the index is shown in color. The color scale is displayed at the right of the plot. Users should note that a loss of only one station could miss significant disturbance events. Users should also note that the real-time AE indices can include noise and baseline shift since we use raw data without any visual checks. The AE stations nor we do not have any responsibility caused by these noises and baseline shift.
Acknowledgments: We thank AE stations (Abisko [SGU, Sweden], Dixon Island, Cape Chelyuskin, Tixie Bay, Pebek [AARI, Russia], Barrow, College [USGS, USA], Yellowknife, Fort Churchill, Sanikiluaq (Poste-de-la-Baleine) [GSC, Canada], Narsarsuaq [DTU Space, Denmark], and Leirvogur [U. Iceland, Iceland]) as well as the RapidMAG team (NiCT, JHU/APL, UoA, AARI, IDG) for their cooperations and efforts to operate these stations and to supply data with us for the real-time AE index.