Format of ionospheric conductivity list (height profile)

IRI2007/2012 Version


Ionospheric conductivity model (height profile)     On the ionospheric conductivity

There is height profile of parallel, Pedersen, Hall conductivities together with height integrated conductivity. First row shows the assdigned parameters., i.e. geographic latitude and longitude, year, month, day and hour.
Fourth row is the caption for the following rows. Last row gives the Height integrated parallel (s0), Pedersen (s1) and Hall (s2) conductivities, and two dimensional height integtrated condcutivities (sXX, sYY and sXY). They are shown as S0, S1, S2, SXX, SYY and SXY all in unit of S.

Intermidiate rows show the height profile of the conductivity. Format of the rows is as follows. These rows are omitted if you assign "height integrated conductivity only".

ColumnMeaning (FORMAT)
1-10 Height (km) (F10.1)
11-24 Parallel conductivity, s0 S/m (1PE14.5)
25-38 Pedersen conductivity, s1 S/m (1PE14.5)
39-52 Hall conductivity, s2 S/m, 10-12 if the value is less than 1012 (1PE14.5)