Real-time (Quicklook) Dst index

Note! These data are only for non-commercial monitoring purpose.
The real-time Dst index is only for monitoring, diagnostics, and forecasting purposes. Since the values are derived from unverified raw data, they may contain inaccuracies. The observatories as well as we have no responsibility for inaccuate values caused by noises and baseline shifts. Hourly values given here will be replaced by provisional and final values at later dates. Users are advised to use the provisional Dst index or the final Dst index for scientific analysis.
Acknowledgments: We thank the geomagnetic observatories (Kakioka [JMA], Honolulu and San Juan [USGS], Hermanus [RSA], Alibag [IIG]), NiCT, INTERMAGNET, and many others for their cooperation to make the real-time (quicklook) Dst index available.
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