Staff of Data Analysis Center for Geomagnetism and Space Magnetism
Apr., 2017


Name (LAST, First)PositionTelephone
IYEMORI, ToshihikoDirector/Professor 81-75-753-3949 Homepage
TOH, HiroakiDeputy Director/Associate Professor 81-75-753-3939 Homepage
NOSÉ, MasahitoAssistant Professor 81-75-753-3959 Homepage
TAKEDA, MasahikoAssistant Professor 81-75-753-3947 Homepage
IMAJO, Shun JSPS Research Fellowships for Young Scientists
(Postdoctoral Fellow)
TAKEUCHI, Noriko Assistant Administrative Staff 81-75-753-3929
ODAGI, YokoAssistant Technical Staff 81-75-753-3648 Homepage
SHIMIZU, HisayoshiPart-Time Lecturer (Earthquake Research Inst.,
Univ. of Tokyo)

Advisory board
CategoryName (LAST, First) Speciality
1IYEMORI, Toshihiko Prof.
Solar Terrestrial Physics
1TOH, Hiroaki Associate Prof.
(Deputy Director)
2TANIMORI, Tohru Prof.Cosmic Ray Physics
2NAGATA, Tetsuya Prof.Astrophysics
2FUKUDA, Yoichi Prof.Geodesy
2SHIBATA, Kazunari Prof.Solar and Cosmical Plasma Physics
3HIRAJIMA Takao Prof.Petrology