International Geomagnetic Reference Field (IGRF-12)


Magnetic North, Geomagnetic and Magnetic Poles

IAGA V-MOD Geomagnetic Field Modeling: International Geomagnetic Reference Field IGRF

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International Geomagnetic Reference Field: the 12th generation, Erwan Thebault, Christopher C Finlay, Ciaran D Beggan, Patrick Alken, Julien Aubert, Olivier Barrois, Francois Bertrand, Tatiana Bondar, Axel Boness, Laura Brocco, Elisabeth Canet, Aude Chambodut, Arnaud Chulliat, Pierdavide Coisson, Francois Civet, Aimin Du, Alexandre Fournier, Isabelle Fratter, Nicolas Gillet, Brian Hamilton, Mohamed Hamoudi, Gauthier Hulot, Thomas Jager, Monika Korte, Weijia Kuang, Xavier Lalanne, Benoit Langlais, Jean-Michel Leger, Vincent Lesur, Frank J Lowes et al. Earth, Planets and Space 2015, 67:79 (27 May 2015)

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Model field at a point by IGRF

Transformation of Coordinate    [Geographic <-> Geomagnetic (Dipole)]

Coefficients (1900-2015)/IGRF-12:    Html Version   Text Version   MS Excel Version

Fortran program by IAGA V-MOD Geomagnetic Field Modeling

Magnetic Charts (2015.0)

Geomagnetic Element Mercator Projection Northern Hemisphere Southern Hemisphere
Total Intensity (F) GIF, PDF GIF, PDF GIF, PDF
Declination (D) GIF, PDF GIF, PDF GIF, PDF
Inclination (I) GIF, PDF GIF, PDF GIF, PDF
Horizontal Component (H) GIF, PDF GIF, PDF GIF, PDF
Vertical Component (Z) GIF, PDF GIF, PDF GIF, PDF
Northward Component (X) GIF, PDF GIF, PDF GIF, PDF
Eastward Component (Y) GIF, PDF GIF, PDF GIF, PDF

Animation of secular variation in geomagnetic total intensity for the last 400 years. (392kB)